Reframe your thoughts.
Overcome impostor syndrome.

Your AI-based friend in overcoming self-doubt.


You are not a fraud!

Have you ever felt unqualified for your role, or that you don't belong in your position? Do you doubt your talents and accomplishments? Does it feel like eventually someone is going to expose you as a fraud? This experience is called impostor syndrome and is extremely common, particularly among womxn and minorities.

Meet Syndee, a virtual friend that will help you beat impostor thinking. With Syndee, you can look at your thoughts from a new perspective, and reframe them into productive, action-oriented growth opportunities.

Our People

Developed by the community, for the community


Maria Dyshel

AI technologist and Forbes 30u30 social entrepreneur

Maya Hecht

Conversation designer and rehabilitation psychologist

Gemma Bulos

Serial social entrepreneur, educator and speaker


Greg Thompson

Design, Implementation, Testing

Lei-Lei Tun

UX Design

Karina Bokcz

UX Design

Javier Gonzalez

Conversational Design, Research

Ingrid Xu

Product Management

Nattamon Sitthiphisai

UX Research & Design

Eliot Ross

UX/UI Design

Nathalie Plaire Virovac

UX/UI Design

Sharon Mak

UX/UI Design

Moli Ma

UX/UI Design

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